Ассоциативные массивы [PHP - Урок 14]

Материал Ассоциативные массивы [PHP - Урок 14]

ВИДЕО-УРОКИ PHP: Всё, что нужно знать о PHP. Самостоятельное обучение от простого к сложному. PHP - это мощный инструмент для создания сайтов любой сложности.
Ассоциативные массивы [PHP - Урок 14]
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sravan kumar #
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thanks fro the video
Ovidiu Drobotă #
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Wow! Extremely useful. I learned a lot from this video. Thanks to Alex Garett.
nickdj2474 #
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Fast Array Access PHP
Nem0licious #
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u can also use extract.
Husam Alrubaye #
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Love that :D
Christian Petersen #
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The list() function is very useful indeed. But to be honest, this isn't the best example for beginners—as it's best to return a object of user and get member variables—I'd recommend people to use the list under certain circumstances:

- You're sure the order of values aren't going to change—for example an array of x, y & z points [0, 20, 10].
- You're sure that you have a defined length array
- When you know your data is an array and follows the above circumstances

I hope this helps you to know when to use the list function and when not to :-) 
Codecourse #
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Efficient Fast Array Access with PHP
mantaz111 #
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Awesome! I will start to use this now. :)
Sameer Nepali (Sam Rock) #
: 0
neat. thanks for the tip!
Tim Visée #
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Brilliant, thanks! The support of this method also seems to be great, both PHP 4 and 5.
H0b0Gamers #
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Interesting! Usually all my arrays have assoc array so I fetch everything with keys, but this is very useful!
Александр Сатретдинов #
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Perfect way! Thanks a lot!
Chris Kruining #
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thanks for this video!
Arnolds Kļavenieks #
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That is nice, but usually the array is already with named keys. Especially if fetched from database.
Djangokillen #
: 0
Easy and flexible! Thanks.


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