Функции (практика) [PHP - Урок 19]

Материал Функции (практика) [PHP - Урок 19]

ВИДЕО-УРОКИ PHP: Всё, что нужно знать о PHP. Самостоятельное обучение от простого к сложному. PHP - это мощный инструмент для создания сайтов любой сложности.
Функции (практика) [PHP - Урок 19]
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dr.Jeetendra Raghuwanshi #
: 0
Thank you so much,,,,your all videos are vrry awsome,,
laurentiu244 #
: 0
Very good integration  by bringing  the pulmonary vasc. dis. along  with the classical  obstructive and restrictive  classifications.  Thank you.
Jocelyn Lunggami #
: 0
Check out this video on YouTube:
Abdo Elkholy #
: 0
Thank you

Akinyi Ojee #
: 0
Thanks Jem,
I found this useful for the PFT's:please look at the five lectures.
happy reading,
FutureDoc ellas #
: 0
PFTs are really important. Glad you went over them. Thanks!
Dr Ruchira Khasne #
: 0
this is great work!!!!!!!!!!!.all videos r excellent. very helpful for all exam goings
drdone1 #
: 0
It is excellent video.  Could you please upload a tutorial on Pulmonary physiology related to lung functions tests as soon as possible. 
MrVote4tibet #
: 0
thank you-very helpful-its been 10 years since i learned pft- now i am assigned to work in pft and this lecture really helped me get back on my memories-
Amstrong Samuel #
: 0
excellent interpretation
Mana Alalshahi #
: 0
I just asked me self what am I doing watching this video. Im sooo stupid for such smart things like this... i was watch pranks videos and kept moving from one video to another tell i end up HERE.. but before i leave. I really appreicate your jobs guys you are the best.. in fact I did not see somone dislike it ..so keep uploading videos so bitches can do good in future... God bless all of you guys.. 
TheResetmc #
: 0
i like the way you're teaching, all your video not only about this topic, but i was looking for the part 5 for a clinical esemple. thank...
John Rawley #
: 0
Thank you!
James Garland #
: 0
Please make more videos and a facebook page! :D
karimjon4928 #
: 0
Thank  You  so  much   for  your  lecture !!!  It   is   so  good !!!
Fadi Haffar #
: 0
Hello Dr. Eric
I am working in a Thorax surgery department .
one of the routine tests that we carry out for patients with lung tumor is spiro-ergometry and scintigraphy  to determine the operability of the patients .
I guess a lesson on pulmonary embolus would be highly instructive for all residents and you can then explain the Ventilation - Perfusion scan .
Plus it would be highly informative to talk a little bit about exercise or stress tests .

Thank you for your highly needed efforts . 
Leah Velasco #
: 0
Thank you for the videos!


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