Как установить и настроить Notepag++

Материал Как установить и настроить Notepag++

Notepag++ - это текстовый редактор с великими возможностями, как для простого пользователя, так и для разработчика. В видеоуроке будет рассмотрено первые шаги - это установка и некие настройки.
Как установить и настроить Notepag++
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| 17 сентября 2013
Комментарии (17)
Ilyes Bouras #
: 0
good Plugins ,Thnx Earl
TheLuigiFan XD #
: 0
NPP is awesome
Sumith Surendran #
: 0
Hi Sir ,
Is there any way to remove the line numbers in the code. I want to remove form line 13  to 27 it is tedious to remove it manually. 

14 use strict;
15 use warnings;
17 use Net::LPR;
18 use Getopt::Long;
19 use File::stat;
20 use Time::localtime;
22 sub usage;
23 sub version;
24 sub status_file_exists;
25 sub status_file_diff;
26 sub status_file_delete;
27 sub status_file_write
Tripping Tree Trunk #
: 0
I'm doing html on notepad++ and this is going to save me sooooooooooo much time thank you. :)
: 0
i have the newest version of notepad ++ 6.7.7
issue is when i start plugin manager
it shows as follows

downloading plugin list...

No plugins available

i googled a lot. seems something is blocking the plugin manager from internet. it doesnt show up on my windows firewal..some sites said use a proxy setting (i dont know what that is ). can i connect directly ?. it used to work fine before. HOW do i FIX it ?
Bob Hurt #
: 0
You done real good there, Earl.  Thnx.
Allan Maxwell #
: 0
Hi vid is good but i am trying to do a family tree on notepad in xml version but i don't understand the steps on where the heading go and hoe it forms the shape of an actual tree can you help me in very basic step by step form? thank you Allan.
Francesco Madeo #
: 0
Very informative! Well done!
robert booth #
: 0
Thank you very much for your video. I have been using notepad++ for some time but your video really helped me use the features of notepad++.
jehng1 #
: 0
In version Under "Snippets" scroll to "Templates"
Daniel McIntyre-Gardner #
: 0
FiveStarGaming #
: 0
Sadly Doesn't work on the version that I use anymore :( but Good video anyways it seems like you helped alot of people :)
Joseph M Gomez #
: 0
it doesen't even show Blank JavaScript Page.
Joseph M Gomez #
: 0
on mine snippets it doesen't show Blank HTML Page or Blank CSS Page..
FanOfAyn #
: 0
Excellent video, sir!
MrRicardo141 #
: 0
i'll make it a threesome lol. 
Earl McGowen #
: 0
You are my first comment...thanks!


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