Обзор и тест нового антивирусного продукта - Switz Antivirus 2013.

Материал Обзор и тест нового антивирусного продукта - Switz Antivirus 2013.

Информация о продукте с сайта SWITZ Antivirus 2013 Time-tested perfection of high technologies. Antivirus created to protect your cyber-space! SWITZ Antivirus - 1) More than 8 million threats in antivirus database; 2) Protection against all types of malware; 3) Implemented Firewall and WEB-Filter; 4) Unique technology of Heuristic analysis; 5) 24/7 customer support. Информация о уникальности продукта с сайта дистрибьютера: Whats new in SWITZ Antivirus 2013? SWITZ Antivirus can be safely presented through the lens of innovations! There are main peculiarities of the product which reflect its uniqueness: 1) License Policy. A person can purchase SWITZ Antivirus only with a LIFETIME LICENCE that is not limited in terms of using the program. Usually, the purchased antivirus software is limited for 1 or 2 years of validity period, with the continued need to renew the license on a paid basis. 2) Heuristic analyzer. Modern antivirus, as a means of protection against cyber threats, depends on the amount of databases of previously identified malicious program. It means that antiviruses provide protection in the form of a response to a specific threat post factum. SWITZ Antivirus developers have created unique system of analysis, which allows the program to determine the level of software harmfulness according to its interaction with the system and implemented elements of its code. So, even if the newly created virus is not listed in the virus database, it will be identified and eliminated.
Обзор и тест нового антивирусного продукта - Switz Antivirus 2013.
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